Vehicle Wrapping Cheshire

With over 500 different colours and finishes finding something to your taste will be the easiest… and the hardest decision you will make due to the amount of choice.  With that in mind, your pride and joy can really be unique, stand out from the crowd and unmistakably yours, at a fraction of the cost of a full respray with a much quicker turn around.  Perfect for when buying a car not in your preferred colour or a hefty priced optional extra.  Not forgetting your actually adding layer of protection to your original paint, thus saving your investment from stone chips and scratches, ideal for those leased cars when it’s time to give the car back.  If a panel happens to become scratched or damaged, you need only to replace the effected panel and away you go again, oppose to paint where it would need blending into more panels.



Our Process

Before we think about wrapping your vehicle or carrying out any work, we like to have a brief or a design in place, for example you may want a contrast roof, a full dechrome with your new colour and so on.  when we’ve settled on the outcome and mocked up a design, we ask you to approve it before getting you booked in.

If you are a commercial customer, you might already have a branded livery, logo or vehicle graphic design in mind. You might want to keep it fairly simple; you may want some help from our in-house design teams, or you may want to wrap a fleet of cars, vans or trucks in a design relevant to your current marketing campaign. Whatever your business needs, we can provide it. We can help you to be seen, and help your brand to be recognised.

A day or two before we advise you give the car a wax free wash, as cleaning of a vehicle which has been neglected or heavily soiled will delay the whole process, we are happy to do this, but please note it will incur an extra charge.

On the day, we will go around the car, similar to hiring a courtesy car and note any imperfections or damage, that way you know how you gave us your car and when the vinyl is removed, is how it should look again.

Then its over to us, first, we remove as many external vehicle parts as necessary to ensure that each panel can be wrapped in the very best way, enabling us to give you the best result.  we then secure any wiring, holes, seals and fully decontaminate the panels, including full snowfoam, degreaser, red 7, clayed and dried.

Before the vinyl application begins, the workshop area is cleaned and heated to the optimum temperature, and each panel is cleaned as we go with the specific brand of cleaner, be it, 3m, Avery Dennison, Hexis etc. we do this to ensure we do as much as humanly possible to give your vehicle the best finish with great longevity.

Typically, a full wrap turn around is 3-5 days, much faster than a full re-spray with colours not able to be achieved by paint.  We’ll spare the technical details of wrapping from start to finish, this is merely a guideline as to what to expect when you choose us for your projects

Once the vehicle is fully complete, it is built back up, and left overnight to allow the adhesive to settle and cure at optimum temperature, cleaned with our vinyl detailing, then handed back over to you to enjoy!

So, whether you want your personal car wrapping for a colour change or vehicle graphics, or a fleet of commercial vehicles wrapped for a vehicle livery design, we are ready. We offer a professional service that never fails to deliver.

Wrapping is a cost-effective and clever advertising option, compared to traditional vehicle livery and signwriting. It also helps protect your vehicle from chips and scratches to paintwork, and can be removed when you require it to be, unlike a re-spray